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If you’re a Wyoming resident that’s eager to start betting on sports — legally — the wait is almost over. On April 5, 2021, Wyoming’s Governor, Mark Gordon, signed a law that officially legalized sports betting throughout the state. This comes after a wide amount of speculation and doubt. The law, HB 133, had originally failed in the House of Representatives just a month ago but was given new life when they requested it be reconsidered the following day. After passing, it moved to the Senate, where they passed it with a 24-5-1 vote. It was then sent to Gov.…

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Sports betting in the state of Wyoming has been on the good side of the news for the past few months. Two months after they became the first state to legalize sports betting in 2021, the Wyoming Gaming Commission officially sent the first round of sports betting rules to Governor Mark Gordon. Gov. Gordon originally signed HB 133 into law on April 5, 2021 — which legalized sports betting in Wyoming. Wyoming now joins 22 other states in legalizing sports betting, something that used to be exclusive to Nevada. With 7 other states well on their way, it’s an exciting…

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